Cultural & Social Committee

The Cultural and Social Committee is in charge of organizing various cultural and social activities throughout the year to keep alive the spirit of the campus. The committee aims to encourage students to participate in various programmes and competitions to be able to develop qualities and skills like competitive spirit, team spirit, tolerance, appreciation and respect for various cultures of India. These activities provide a platform for students to exhibit their talent. These celebrations bring with them a lot of excitement and a wave of enthusiasm in the air, which is characterized by a lot of activities, creativity, hustle and bustle, fun and management. Various competitions like singing, dancing, debate, elocution, quiz, essay writing etc. are conducted throughout the year for students to participate along with programmes like fresher’s party, teacher’s day celebration, fun fair, sports day, Independence Day etc. are also arranged.


Along with these cultural activities, the committee is also responsible for arranging certain social activities to bring awareness towards the improvement of our society in the youth. To kindle the spirit of youth for a better society and a better world, and to help them develop into ideal citizens later on the committee organizes activities like tree plantation, charity day, visit to blind school, orphanages and old age homes. Apart from these, the committee aims at spreading awareness towards social evils like the dowry system, female infanticide, physical abuse of females etc. by conducting expert sessions on how to prevent these menaces, and conducting various competitions like painting, poster making to bring awareness in the youth.



·       To encourage the students to actively take part in participating, organizing and conducting cultural and social events in college

·       To raise awareness and reverence towards diverse Indian cultures and traditions

·       To motivate the holistic personality development of students by conducting various competitions and functions

·       To inspire students through various programmes to work for a better society

To make students aware of different social issues and their preventive measures for the betterment of the social system
Chairman:       Dr. Akruti Naik
Co-chairman:  Dr. Rajnit Shukla
Members :       Dr. Riddhima Desai
                        Dr. Khyati Desai