Sports Committee

         The Sports Committee is formed to encourage and promote various sports activities amongst students for their holistic development. The committee is responsible for the development of psychometric and cognitive skills of students through their effective participation in various sporting activities throughout the year to inculcate sportsmanship, leadership skills and team spirit. It provides proper advice and guidance to the students interested in sports, providing them resources for practice and plan and manage funds to facilitate sports activities in college. The members of the committee have to form the guidelines to be followed for students in accordance with the college rules and regulations. The committee encourages students to participate in various sports events at Inter-college, University, district, state and national level and conducts training and selection trials in order to select the top performers to represent the college in various indoor and outdoor sports tournaments. The committee also has to maintain proper records of the achievements of the students.


·       To provide an environment for the physical development of the students.

·       To provide opportunities to the student to showcase their talent in the sports field.

·       To promote sportsmanship among students by organizing various sports activities.

·       Organizing various indoor and outdoor games during sports week.

·       Motivating and encouraging the students to participate in sports events organized by the College and University

·       To organize sports and athletic competitions and University sports meets and to help in selecting College teams for the University.

Chairman:      Dr. Bhavin Patel
Co-chairman: Dr. Nirav Desai