Placement Cell

The Placement Committee’s primary objective is to provide training and placements to college students. Various activities take place throughout the academic year in the college where the students are motivated to take the initiative to develop their attitude, soft skills and are given the opportunity to develop technical skills alongside analytical capabilities. The Placement Committee aims to expose students to the nature of the corporate world therefore providing insight to their future professional careers. The Placement Committee handles campus placement of the students. It provides complete support to the visiting companies at every stage of placement process. Arrangements for Pre-Placement Talks, Written Tests, Interviews and Group Discussions are made as per the requirement of the companies. Pre-placement training is given to the students based on their core subject followed by aptitude training. The objective of the committee is to facilitate the process of placement and ensure that each eligible student get opportunity in the industries. It organizes technical events and motivational talks to provide a platform for the budding engineers and conducts awareness programs for the students in the form of seminars and conferences in association with institution and corporate.


  • Organizing Pre-Placement Seminars by Companies
  • Maintaining and regularly updating Database of Students and Companies interested to hire them
  • Gathering information about Job fairs and all relevant recruitment advertisements
  • Coordinating with companies to learn about their recruitment procedures
  • Identifying the needs and expectations of the companies to assist them in recruiting the most suitable candidates
  • Organizing pre-placement training for students (Soft Skills, Dress Codes, Mock Interviews)


Chairman: Dr. Rajnit Shukla


1.     Mrs. Nisha Shah

2.     Dr. Khyati Desai

3.     Dr. Nigam Desai